«GALLUP»: Updated survey renders Kocharyan ‘top winner’ in Armenia’s upcoming snap elections

Gallup International in Armenia has released the updated records of its pre-electoral survey revealing the highest chances of victory for the team led by the country’s second president.

Robert Kocharyan’s Armenia Alliance received 28.7% of preliminary votes as opposed to Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s Civil Contract party – 25,2%, ; an estimated 10.8% of the respondents gave preference to I Have the Honor Bloc led by a former chief of the National Security Service (NSS).

The other political forces running for the National Assembly on June 20 had uncomparably lower advantages, according to Arman Navasardyan, the organization’s representative in Armenia.

“The opinion polls suggest that 5.4% of the respondents will vote for the Prosperous Armenia party, 5.2% – for Bright Armenia, 2.8% – for the alliance of democrats Shirinyan-Babajanyan, 2.6% – for the Republic party, 1.5% – the Armenian National Congress, 1.2% – for the political party Our Home is Armenia, 1% – the national conservative movement 5165, 0.8% – the Armenian Fatherland party, 0.7% – the National-Democratic Pole, 0.6% – the Just Armenia party, 0.4% – the Sovereign Armenia party and 1.1% – for another [political force]. Some 5.2% of the respondents refused to respond to the survey; 2.7% said ‘none’ and 4.1% hesitated to answer,” he told reporters on Friday.

Addressing the predicted voter turnout, Navasardyan said 51.1% of their respondents sounded “strongly determined” about exercising their civic duty, with only slightly less than 30% saying they “will not definitely head to polls”.

Navasardyan also complained about increasing pressure, including by the government team, which he said has been “unprecedented in nature” for both the organization and personally himself.