In fact, 44 parties (30 parties and 4 blocks out of 14 parties) apply to Armenia Central Electoral Commission ahead of snap parliamentary elections

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) of Armenia has received documents from actually 44 political parties (30 parties and 4 blocks out of 14 parties) for registration to run in the upcoming snap parliamentary elections, as reported the press service of the CEC.

Alliances of political parties:

Armenia alliance

Free Homeland alliance

I Have Honor alliance

Shirinyan-Babajanyan Alliance of Democrats

Political parties:

Civil Contract Party

Righteous Armenia Party

Republic Party

All-Armenian National Statehood Party

Prosperous Armenia Party

Homeland of Armenians Party

National Agenda Party

Christian-Democratic Party

European Party of Armenia

Citizen’s Decision Social Democratic Party

Armenia is Our Home Party

National-Democratic Axis Party

Unified Homeland Party

5165 National Conservative Movement Party

Bright Armenia Party

Rise Party

Freedom Party

Liberal Party

Armenian National Congress Party

Sovereign Armenia Party

Zartonk National Christian Party

Democratic Party of Armenia

Armenian Eagles Unified Armenia Party

The documents required for registration of the electoral lists of political parties and alliances of political parties to run in the snap parliamentary elections needed to be submitted before May 26 (6 p.m.).

According to the timetable prescribed by the CEC, the electoral lists of the political parties and alliances of political parties will be registered by May 31 (6 p.m.).