Artak Beglaryan: Presidential decree to dissolve Artsakh should be cancelled

Everything is very clear, there is even no need for discussion; the [presidential] decree on dissolving the Republic of Artsakh just needs to be cancelled.  Artak Beglaryan, the former Minister of State of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh),stated this in an interview with

“I don’t know why this topic is getting so heavy. It’s just a question of cancellation mechanisms as to which one is more preferable. Either through a new [Artsakh] presidential decree or through the Supreme Court. Of course, it should be with the new decree of the president, which is very fast, without prolonging, without long procedures, without being dependent on other actors, etc.,” Beglaryan said.

“It is preferable that it happens before January 1 [i.e. when the aforesaid decree comes into force]. But it has no legal significance. Its significance is informational, political  because it’s all the same. The decree of September 28 does not cause any legal consequences because it is unconstitutional, the [Artsakh] president has no authority to dissolve the republic. Secondly, it was signed under the threat of violence [by Azerbaijan], which was confirmed by both the president and the NA [National Assembly)],” added the former minister of state of Artsakh.

According to Beglaryan, there is no legal matter here, but there is a matter of perception and political message, especially to the international community.

“It is necessary to show political will and give that clear message that we [i.e. Artsakh] continue to function as of January 1. Even if it [i.e. the decree] is not cancelled, it doesn’t change anything; the state bodies of Artsakh continue to function,” said the former state minister of Artsakh.