Turkish-Azerbaijani fascism! Turkish historian: Patch on Azerbaijani soldiers’ sleeve says “Don’t run, Armenian. You’ll just die exhausted”

The patch on the sleeve of the Azerbaijani soldiers reads in Turkish: “Don’t run, Armenian. You’ll just die exhausted,” Turkish historian Taner Akçam wrote on Facebook.
“You all know the man in the photograph: this is Enver Pasha – one of the main architects of the Armenian Genocide.
It is obvious that in the minds of the Azerbaijani regime there is a direct connection between the 1915 genocide and their own actions. So we don’t have to create this connection later.
The question is, what else will this mentality do in this region?
To preempt the phrase “We didn’t know,” I recommend that everyone distribute this photo,” the historian noted when he published a photo of the patch.