Unique Historical Document: 1922 US House of Representatives Resolution in behalf of the Armenians

Resolution of the House of Representatives H. RES. 244 in behalf of the armenians, (March 7, 1922)

(Hearings took place in the Committee on Foreign Affairs, 67 Congress, Second session)

Whereas the Armenians and other Christian peoples of Turkey continue in their evil plight and the refugees are unable to return to their homes; and

Whereas the evacuation of Cilicia, already, begun, has brought calamity to the Christian population there; and

Whereas the humanitarian sentiment of the people of the United States is strongly enlisted in behalf of these Christian populations, for whom American relief has been generously given:

Therefore, be it Resolved,

That the President be requested to express to the de facto Government at Angora the moral protest of the United States against the persecution of the Armenians and other Christian peoples; and be it further Resolved,

That the President be requested, if not incompatible with public interest, to take up with Great Britain, France, and Italy the question of calling a conference for the purpose of considering methods by which the Armenians can be given the opportunity to create their own state.

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