Shushi, December 17, 2004

The National Council of Armenians from Western Armenia; Expressing the will of the exiled Armenian people; Fully aware of its historical responsibilities regarding the destiny of the Armenian nation, committed to achieving the aspirations of all Armenians and restoring historical justice; Referring to the universal principles of the declaration of human rights, and more generally to the standards recognized by international laws; Exercising the right of nations to self-determination;


The initiation of the process of reconstitution a Nation, introducing the issue of establishing a democratic society based on the principle of justice;

  1. The country known as “turkish” Armenia is renamed Western Armenia (Hayrйnik). Western Armenia shall have a flag, a coat of arms and a national anthem.
  2. Western Armenia (Hayrйnik) shall be an autonomous State, endowed with a national supreme authority, independence, sovereignty and plenipotentiary powers. Only the Constitution and Justice of Western Armenia (Hayrйnik) shall be recognized within the National Council.
  3. The guarantor of Western Armenia is the presently exiled people, exercising the authority directly and through its representatives, on the basis of the Constitution and Laws. The right to speak on behalf of the people from Western Armenia (Hayrйnik) exclusively belongs to the National Council.
  4. All the members who can prove their status of exile and their origin through filiation, even after several generations, are considered as members of Western Armenia (Hayrйnik). The members of Western Armenia (Hayrйnik) are protected and assisted by the National Council. The National Council guarantees to all members freedom and equality.
  5. Aiming to guarantee the safety of persons and properties as well as the inviolability of its frontiers, Western Armenia (Hayrйnik) establishes its own structure of defence, state-controlled organs and public security organs under the jurisdiction of the National Council. Western Armenia (Hayrйnik) defines independently the national service regulation for its members. The forces of defence of Western Armenia (Hayrйnik) may be deployed only by decision of the National Council, under the high command of the President of the National Council.
  6. As regards international law, Western Armenia (Hayrйnik) leads an independent foreign policy. It establishes direct relations with the other States and takes part in the activities of international organizations.
  7. The national wealth of Western Armenia (Hayrйnik) is its people; its territory, subsoil, air space, waters and any other natural resources, either economic or intellectual, as well as the cultural abilities, are the property of the Nation. The control of their management, exploitation, use and possession is defined by the laws of Western Armenia (Hayrйnik).
  8. Western Armenia (Hayrйnik) defines the principles and regulations of its economic system, may establish its own currency if necessary, a national bank, a system of financial loans, taxes and various services, based on the system of the various forms of property.
  9. Within the National Council are guaranteed the freedom of expression, of the press and of conscience; the separation of legislative, executive and judicial powers; an unionist system; the respect of the trends of opinion; the non-politicization of the civil servants and forces of defence.
  10. The National Council guarantees the use of western Armenian as national language in all fields of life. The National Council establishes its own educational system as well as its own cultural and scientific development system.
  11. The National Council is willing to support the moral obligation of obtaining an international recognition of the Genocide of the Armenians , perpetrated by the Turks from 1894 to 1923 on the territory of Western Armenia (Hayrйnik) during the occupation.
  12. The National Council supports the reinstallation of the descendants of the exiled population, which will thus be accompanied by the payment of compensatory indemnities for the losses and damages suffered, thanks to the establishment of an International Fund mainly financed by the States recognized as liable for the Genocide of the Armenians.
  13. This declaration serves as a basis for the development of the Constitution of Western Armenia (Hayrйnik) and until the Constitution is approved, as a basis for the introduction of amendments to the present constitution, as well as for the operation of national authorities and the development of a new legislation.


The National Council of Armenians of Western Armenia


December 17, 2004