The Turkish Translation of «The Lonely Hawk» («Yalniz Sahin») by Samvel Mheryan was republished in Constantinople this year in April

The historical novel «The Lonely Hawk» (arm. «Մենավոր Բազեն») is the literary description of the events taking place in Khnus province of Western Armenia within the period starting from late 19th century up to early 20th century. The novel illustrates both tragic episodes of Armenian Genocide and the heroic self-defense of the people of Khnus.

The book introduces the collisions that took place between Armenian patriarchal families and Kurdish leaders; it also covers such emotional scenes and events that are full of conspiracy, revenge, love story and heroism.

The novel represents actions and names of the Sons of Armenian History, those who are the vivid embodiment of morality, bravery and patriotism.

It illustrates the outcome imprinted on Khnus province after the rebellion  in Sasun in 1895, and the Constitution adopted by Sultan Abdul Hamid in 1908.

The illustration of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 is the last scene of the book. It also gives an interesting description on how the main hero of the book Davit and his friends, thanks to a well-organized and heroic self-defence, saved 3000 Armenians out of 26000 living in the province.

It should be mention that with the aim of providing propaganda on historic recognition, a certain number of the first publication of the novel were delivered to the descendants of converted Armenians living in Khnus and Mush at present. Moreover, this is performed with the perspective of shifting these people’s attention towards Mother Church in future.

The novel represents 80 real-life heroes out of 120 characters, and some of their descendants by uniting at the 140th anniversary of Commander Andranik on the 25th of February, 2005 established «Khnus» (arm. «Խնուս») cultural foundation, which in its form functions as a patriotic union.

«Khnus» cultural foundation, within the scope of its fifteen years’ activity and with cultural, patriotic and spiritual events, provided to the society such publications by Samvel Mheryan  as the historical novels «The Lonely Hawk» (arm. «Մենավոր Բազեն») and «There Came the Light» (arm. «Եւ եղաւ լոյս»), the films «The Edem Garden» (arm. «Եդեմի պարտեզը») and  «The Way back Home» (arm. «Տունդարձի ճամփան), and the collection of spiritual poems «The Veirtable Light»  (arm. «Ճշմարիտ Լույսը») and «Ayb-Ke» (arm. «Այբ-Քէ). These works have earned blessings and appraisals of the Catholicos of All Armenians.

Samvel Mheryan,

The author of the historical novel «The Lonely Hawk»,

The head of «Khnus» cultural foundation