Unacceptable statement by Nikol Pashinyan: “Azerbaijan’s 86,600 square kilometers include enclaves”

Enclaves are included in the 86,600 square kilometers of territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

“And Artsvashen [village] is part of Armenia’s territorial integrity of 29,800 square kilometers.

There are several options for enclaves. One of them could be the following: the enclave areas on both sides of the [border] line [between Armenia and Azerbaijan] remain under the control of the side where they are located.


The other option is that after the signing of the peace treaty [between the two countries], Artsvashen will return under the sovereignty of Armenia, the other territories—of Azerbaijan. This is the position from the political point of view, but the legal aspect still needs to be studied,” said the Armenian PM.

Later, when asked by another reporter whether Tigranashen village and the enclaves of Tavush Province were included in the 29,800 square kilometers of Armenia, Pashinyan answered: “No.”