Iranologist: Turkish regime is well aware of the importance of Nemesis monument’s symbolism

It is clear that the monument in Yerevan, symbolizing the righteous revenge of the Armenians on the executioners of the genocide, cannot pose a threat to Erdogan’s regime in a purely physical sense. Iranologist, Head of the Department of Iranian Studies, YSU, Doctor of Philology, Professor Vardan Voskanyan wrote on his Telegram channel, referring to Turkey’s statements regarding the erection of the Nemesis monument in Yerevan.

“However, we are dealing with an administration well-versed in the Middle Eastern tradition, which understands very well how important symbolism is in terms of strengthening national identity and the crystallization of the idea of righteous revenge in it.

No wonder the two giants of our classical poetry, Varoujan and Siamanto, who worked in Istanbul, sang the idea of Armenian righteous revenge in their masterpiece poems,” the expert said.