City hall: Yerevan authorities have no intention of dismantling Operation Nemesis monument

The Yerevan authorities have no intention of dismantling the monument dedicated to Operation Nemesis, Yerevan Municipality has told RFE/RL Armenian Service.

RFE/RL Armenian Service had asked Yerevan authorities whether they intend to remove the aforesaid monument due to the closure of Turkish airspace to Armenian airlines and the uproar in Turkey regarding this monument, or whether there was no such matter on the agenda.

Turkey and Azerbaijan have condemned the installation of this monument in Armenia’s capital. Also, Turkey has closed its airspace for Armenian planes flying to third countries.

And Monday, Turkish FM Mevlut Cavusoglu stated: “If you [i.e., Armenia] don’t remove the monument, it’s not the normalization [of bilateral relations], and we’ll take retaliatory measures.”

A fountain-memorial dedicated to Operation Nemesis members, who coordinated the assassination of the Turkish ringleaders who carried out the Armenian Genocide, was unveiled on April 25 in downtown Yerevan.