The “Nemesis” monument solemnly opened in Yerevan

On April 25, the “Nemesis” monument dedicated to the heroes who organized and carried out the “Nemesis” operation in 1919 was opened with great pomp in Yerevan’s Ring Park.

The names of Soghomon Tehlirian, Aram Yerkanyan, Arshavir Shirakyan, Petros Ter-Poghosyan, Artashes Gevorgyan, Misak Torlakian, Stepan Tsaghikyan, Yakov Melkumov, Yervand Fundukyan, Armen Garo, Grigor Merjanov, Avetik Isahakyan, Arshak Yezdanyan, Ara Sargsyan, Hrach Papazyan, Shahan Natalie’s names are inscribed on the monument.

According to the Deputy Mayor of Yerevan, Tigran Avinyan, the story behind “Nemesis” is about the will of the Armenian nation, restoration of justice. “The courage shown by the people whose names are on the monument has three main meanings. First of all, it was the act of deciding and carrying out the punishment of the criminals, the second was to give positive charges to the depressed people, and the act is a record of the fact that throughout history, crimes do not go unpunished regardless of how the international community treats it. What Nemesis did was understandable for everyone, it was fair for everyone, but our goal should be to prevent possible crimes, to create mechanisms to bring criminals to justice. That should be our main message,” he emphasized.

Kamo Areyan is at the origin of the initiative to create the monument. He reminded that 108 years ago in April, an entire country was covered in blood, but the Armenians responded to the state plan, which wanted to wipe Armenians from the face of the world and leave Armenia off the map, with the Battle of Sardarapat in 1918 and created the first Republic of Armenia.

“And the initiative of the ARF in 1919 was a nationwide revenge decision, a decision to restore our dignity. The implementers of “Nemesis” were intellectual Armenians, the best ones, the most responsible ones. These men’s graves are scattered all over the world,” Areyan said and expressed his satisfaction that finally it will be possible to honor their memory in Armenia, in Yerevan.

Public, political, cultural figures, scientists, and generations of avengers were present at the opening of the monument.

Journalist and presenter Artyom Yerkanyan is one of Aram Yerkanyan’s offsprings.

According to him, we owe the avengers for having a dignified nation. “Can you imagine what would have happened if Operation Nemesis hadn’t happened? We would be a sick nation, suffering from psychological complications. I often compare them to psychiatrists. They made us feel worthy. These people are not terrorists, but the executors of the just verdict that was given by a legitimate legal court. I believe that any Turk who wants to feel dignified should come, bow before this monument and remember that the first country that recognized and condemned the Armenian Genocide was Turkey, which later departed from that principle.” Yerkanyan concluded.

The decision to implement the “Nemesis” operation was made in Yerevan in 1919 under highly secret conditions. The General Assembly of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation decided to execute the organizers and perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide. This action, approved by the Assembly, was called “Special Case”. It is more popularly known as Nemesis, the goddess of vengeance in Greek mythology.During three years, operating from the USA, Europe to Turkey, they eliminated about two dozen criminals, the leaders of the Armenian Genocide. “Nemesis” was a clear and meticulously designed operation, which began with intelligence work and ended with the execution of the sentence. No bystanders were harmed in the execution of those judgments.

Since the “Special Case” has been strictly secret, its organizers and members have not been revealed for years, but now their names are known to everyone.

The monument is installed by the decision of the Council of Elders of Yerevan.

The petition for the installation of the memorial was submitted by the descendants of the avengers of the Armenian Genocide.

The author of the sculpture is the architect Tigran Barseghyan.