Professor Vardan Voskanyan calls for close cooperation with Iran and India: War is Inevitable

Iranian expert Vardan Voskanyan stated that peace is impossible with the current Azerbaijan. Armenia must prepare not for peace, but for war, which may knock at our door at any moment. Armenia must not avoid thinking about war, but must tune in to the fact that it is inevitable. His remarks came during today’s discussion.

According to his assessment, the agenda should not be peaceful, but should be related to preparations for war.

“No document will ensure Armenia’s security. The same statement of November 9 is signed by a superpower, but even humanitarian problems are not solved,” he explained.


Voskanyan called for close cooperation with Iran and India, which restrain Azerbaijan’s appetites, while stressing: “Do we want to continue to have the status of a state? If yes, such wishes are incompatible with the idea of relying on the army of a foreign state, including Russia, Iran, the U.S. or another country. The root of our problems is not in Iran, Russia or the United States, but in us.”