Georgia refuses to be a part of ‘3+3’ format with regard to South Caucasus

Georgia has refused to be a part of the “3+3” platform in the South Caucasus, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Davit Zalkaliani said today, adding that he has already expressed his country’s stance during conversations with Baku and Ankara, which are the initiators of the given platform.

“Georgia can’t take part in a geopolitical project with Russia,” he said.

Zalkaliani also emphasized that balanced relations with neighboring countries are Georgia’s foreign policy priority and mentioned that Tbilisi has created conditions for the unobstructed transfer of humanitarian cargo in the conflict zone on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

“Due to the escalation in the region, we clearly led a balanced policy on the conflict. There was an immediate response to the transfer of military cargo and transit traffic. In a sense, this contribute to de-escalation. Georgia’s active contacts with the two neighbors were very important,” Zalkaliani added.

Earlier, Zalkaliani also declared that it will be hard for the representatives of the country to take part in the “3+3” format with regard to the Karabakh issue along with Russia. At the same time, he mentioned the importance of representing the country in large geopolitical projects.