VIDEO – Armenia 3rd President Serzh Sargsyan: Yes, he [Nikol Pashinyan] won the elections, but the victory sparks many questions

Yes, I believe he [Nikol Pashinyan] won the elections, but the victory in these elections sparks many questions. This is what third President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan said in an interview with BBC Russian Service.

Sargsyan said some of the questions are related to the amendment that was made to the Electoral Code one-and-a-half months before the elections, the use of administrative resources, as well as the detentions of, searches and threats against active members of the bloc [‘I Have Honor’ bloc]. “We keep saying that it was wrong to hold elections in a country that faces numerous problems, in a country, a part of which is occupied by the neighboring country, in a country, most of the soldiers and officers of which are in captivity and in a country where the remains of all deceased soldiers still haven’t been buried.


However, unfortunately, the opposition didn’t agree. Many members of the opposition decided to go to the elections, based on their personal notions, and we were compelled to run in those elections…We were expecting to see specific violations and repressions, and we actually witnessed them during the past two days. There truly was pressure on our active members, starting from unlawful searches and detentions that the courts recorded since the courts released almost everyone, without exceptions,” he said.