Armenia new National Assembly to have 107 MPs

According to the results of Sunday’s snap elections to the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia, the new parliament will have 107 MPs and three political forces: the ruling Civil Contract Party—led by acting PM Nikol Pashinyan—, the “Armenia” bloc—led by second President Robert Kocharyan—, and the “I Have the Honor” bloc—led by opposition Homeland Party leader Artur Vanetsyan.

The respective parliamentary seats will be distributed as follows:

Civil Contract Party: 71

“Armenia” bloc: 29

“I Have the Honor” bloc: 7

Also, three of the four parliamentary seats that are allocated for the four largest national minorities in Armenia fall under the Civil Contract Party mandate, and one—under the “Armenia” bloc, thus the latter will have 27 seats.

Furthermore, the “Armenia” bloc will get two additional seats so that the opposition seats in the NA will not be less than one-third.