CEC of Armenia summed up the results of electronic voting

The Central Electoral Commission of Armenia summed up the results of electronic voting. Based on the results, out of 650 voters, 500 cast votes, while 45 ballots are invalid.

The results are the following:

Civil Contract Party: 163 votes

“Armenia” bloc: 135 votes

Armenian National Congress Party: 43 votes

Republic Party: 17 votes

“I Have Honor” bloc: 14 votes

Bright Armenia Party: 14 votes

Uplift Party: 14 votes

5165 National Conservative Movement Party: 12 votes

Liberal Party: 12 votes

Homeland of Armenians Party: 4 votes

Democratic Party of Armenia: 4 votes

Shirinyan-Babajanyan bloc: 3 votes

Sovereign Armenia Party: 3 votes

Citizen’s Decision Party: 2 votes

Our Home is Armenia Party: 2 votes

Righteous Armenia Party: 1 vote

United Armenia Party: 1 vote