SOS!!! Armenia acting PM Pashinyan to voters: Prepare for civil revenge

I said in 2018 that there will be no staff “massacres.” [But] now I want to say that there will be staff “massacres,” and the officials will be “massacred” who, taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the revolution after 2018, have hidden in the corridors of the people’s power and all this time played the role of a “Trojan Horse.” Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, who is the ruling Civil Contract Party’s candidate for Prime Minister, stated this during Tuesday’s election campaign in Talin town of Aragatsotn Province of Armenia—and ahead of the snap parliamentary elections on June 20.

“Yes, give [us] the mandate to carry out that staff ‘massacre,’ and we will throw all the ‘Trojan Horses’ out of the public administration system [of Armenia]. (…) after the elections, there will be vendettas against the community leaders who try to coerce the people. The heads of institutions (…) who have coerced their employees in any way will be subjected to the most brutal but political vendettas. It is not about physical vendetta, it is about political and civil. (…). Prepare for civil revenge, civil vendettas, staff ‘massacres,’” Pashinyan added.