Armenian analyst: Russia’s and Turkey’s interests are at opposite poles

There are major subtexts in the relations between Armenia and Russia since Russia is pursuing its interests in the region that aren’t compatible with the interests of Turkey and Azerbaijan, and this is clear to see. This is what Dean of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Yerevan State University, Professor and Turkologist Ruben Melkonyan told reporters today.

“On the one hand, Turkey is a hostile country for Armenia. On the other hand, Russia is Armenia’s ally. The interests of Russia and Turkey are at opposite poles. Armenia needs to maximally take advantage of the positive opportunities arising from Armenian-Russian relations, especially after the signing of the statement on November 9, 2020 when Russia expanded its presence and started implementing a peacekeeping mission in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) at the same time,” the analyst stated.

Melkonyan noted that the enemy’s crimes remained unanswered, and Armenia’s ally played a major role in stopping the war, meaning the society’s correct perception and assessment are of greater significance.

“Everything needs to be viewed within the scope of state interests, and bilateral ties need to be built on the basis of state interests,” he concluded.