Azerbaijani forces suffer heavy personnel and materiel losses overnight

The Artsakh Defense Army says it continued taking reconnaissance and strike countermeasures overnight October 29-30 in the deployment locations of the Azeri forces, and eliminated “a large quantity of [Azerbaijani] armament and personnel”.

“After midnight the [Azerbaijani] forces attempted to launch a new offensive in the south-eastern direction, which was thwarted by the army units. The [Azerbaijani] forces also attempted to gain success in the northern part of the frontline, and these attempts were also thwarted. The [Azerbaijani] forces suffered heavy losses here as well,” the Defense Ministry of Artsakh said.

The Azerbaijani forces resumed shelling the residential areas of the towns and cities of Artsakh.

The Artsakh Defense Army said it continues the “search and destroy” countermeasures against the attacking Azeri forces.

Editing and Translating by Stepan Kocharyan.