US Congressman Frank Pallone: Pompeo must insist on Royce-Engel agreement to monitor line of contact

US Congressman Frank Pallone tweeted the following:

“We would have definitive knowledge of which side violated the US-brokered ceasefire today if Azeris would allow international observers to monitor the line of contact, as prescribed by the 2015 Royce-Engel agreement. Secretary of State Pompeo must insist on this.”

The Royce-Engel Proposals, which were set forth in the fall of 2015, envisage the withdrawal of snipers from the line of contact and the increase in the number of OSCE monitors.  Based on the proposals, it was also proposed to deploy special equipment (locators) along the length of the borders to identify the party violating the ceasefire regime. Last year, with a prevailing majority, the US House of Representatives passed Congresswoman Judy Chu’s amendment in support of the Royce-Engel Proposals for Artsakh.

Yesterday the US, Armenia and Azerbaijan agreed to a ceasefire on October 26 starting from 08:00, but Azerbaijan violated the agreement once again and shelled settlements in Artsakh. Moreover, the intensity of fire sharply increased on the borders of Artsakh on the part of Azerbaijan. “Starting from 17:00 the intensity of the fire along the border of Artsakh has sharply increased. The enemy uses cannon-launched and rocket artillery, including tanks in the direction of the Defense Army positions,” Spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia Shushan Stepanyan reported.

This is the third ceasefire agreement being violated by Azerbaijan.