NATO has direct responsibility for Turkey’s actions in Nagorno Karabakh: Armenia’s PM

Turkey is a member of NATO and I think that the actions Turkey carries out against Nagorno Karabakh impose a certain responsibility on NATO as well, Armenia’s PM Nikol Pashinyan told Indian WION TV Channel.
Armenia’s PM stated that Human Rights Watch has stated that Azerbaijan is using prohibited ammunitions – cluster bombs – in the Karabakh conflict zone which is a gross violation of international law.

“When a NATO member state is engaged and when a NATO member state is transporting terrorists and mercenaries to the conflict zone to start a war against Nagorno Karabakh then NATO has direct responsibility and NATO must answer these questions. After all how it feels about one of its members states recruiting mercenaries and terrorists and transporting them to the conflict zone and secondly taking part in a process in which prohibited weapons are being used, rocket shelling civilian population,” Armenia’s PM said.