Italy’s Milan recognizes Karabakh independence

The city of Milan, Italy, has recognized the independence of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). Gayane Abrahamyan, a member of the majority My Step parliamentary faction of Armenia, on Friday morning wrote about this on Facebook.

“Last night, with an urgent mediation, the Milan City Council unanimously recognized the independence of Artsakh and, as it is mentioned in the mediation, instructed the Mayor of Milan and the executive authorities of the city: ‘to ask the Italian national authorities to recognize the Artsakh Republic as an act of civilization that can lead not only to the administration of justice, but also to an end to the silence that has long been an accomplice to crime.’

We are grateful to the members of the city council, especially Matteo Forte, who initiated this whole process,” Abrahamyan added.

To note, Matteo Forte had written on Facebook as follows: “In the honorary presence of the Consul of Armenia, the [Milan] city council a while ago approved my initiative condemning the Turkish-Azerbaijani aggression and recognizing the Artsakh Republic. After 1997, when the city council recognized the Armenian Genocide, Milan reopens the way.”