Bill on recognizing Republic of Artsakh submitted to French Parliament

A bill on recognizing the Republic of Artsakh has been submitted to the Lower Chamber of the French Parliament. This is what Executive Director of the National Interests Fund of Armenia Davit Papazyan reported, adding that the ANIF worked really hard in terms of organization and coordination over the past few days along with its French colleagues.

“We worked with ex-Prime Minister Dominique de Villpen (member of the ANIF Board of Directors), local reporters and Members of Parliament for ten days, explaining to them what has been taking place on the Artsakh-Azerbaijan line of contact since September 27 and presenting the role and involvement of Turkey and mercenaries which is fully changing the picture. We explained that the only real and political path to a solution is the recognition of the independence of the Republic of Artsakh by the international community, and since people in the French National Assembly understand the situation quickly, the bill was submitted to the Lower Chamber of the French Parliament this morning,” Papazyan said.

The bill is expected to be considered over the next few weeks. The first to sign the bill was representative of the Socialist Party Francois Pupponi. Papazyan expressed his gratitude to his French colleagues who are consistently providing their assistance to the resolution of the Artsakh issue and the restoration of justice with their pro-Armenian initiatives. Papazyan also noted that efforts are also being made in London and Rome.