Armenia, Greece and Cyprus object bid by Turkey to become next UN General Assembly president

Armenia, Greece and Cyprus have objected to a bid by Turkey to become the next president of the United Nations General Assembly, Ahval reports.

The UN General Assembly president serves a one-year term and the office rotates among five regional groupings of UN member states. The Western Europe and Others Group, of which Turkey is a member, will hold the 2020-2021 term. Turkey’s candidate is Volkan Bozkır, a former Minister of European Affairs and senior diplomat.

The president is elected by acclamation to preside over the relevant session of the General Assembly. But, in the absence of physical meetings due to the coronavirus pandemic, the UN adopted “the silence procedure” which provides the member states with at least 72 hours to raise objections on a draft resolution or decision.

Armenia, Greece and Cyprus rejected Turkey’s candidacy during the silence period, despite their earlier approval of the nomination.

Thus, the United Nations General Assembly is obliged to hold a full vote for president even if Western Europe and Others Group managed to endorse a sole candidate.