Karabakh ex-Presidents Ghukasyan and Sahakyan: No one has moral right to decide our children’s future

The behavior and position of the current authorities of the Republic of Armenia (RA), based on the logic of unconditional submission to the wishes of Azerbaijan in issues that are crucial for the people of Artsakh, is unacceptable. Arkadi Ghukasyan, the second President of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), and Bako Sahakyan, the third President of Artsakh, have noted this in a statement they released Monday evening.

“During the last years, there have been many incomprehensible steps taken by RA authorities to question the statehood of Artsakh. Through the channels available to us, we have tried to warn about the devastating consequences of such behavior.

“We note with regret that our warnings did not have a sobering effect. Due to numerous failures, today we are faced with failed negotiations, a disastrous war, and now the compulsion to fulfill all the demands and whims of the adversary.

“For a long time, we have striven to remain faithful to the tradition formed among the political elites of the two Armenian republics that not interfering in each other’s internal affairs was considered a manifestation of political correctness.

“However, what was sounded by the current Prime Minister of Armenia today, shook the foundations of Armenian statehood; in particular, violating the obligation to be the defender of the rights of all Armenians.

“Thanks to the centuries-old struggle of our ancestors and the Artsakh national-liberation struggle formed on that basis, a new quality of national dignity has emerged, which no one has the right to degrade, regardless of their office and position.

“No one has the moral right to decide the future of us and our children. Artsakh did not accept and will not accept the approaches that were presented today by the RA Prime Minister and, as it fought in the past, so now, it will fight with all possible means for the right to live in dignity in its homeland.

“We believe that, as in previous years, today as well, all Armenians will stand with the people of Artsakh,” the statement also says.