Armenia Iranologist: Our only thought should not be concession, but to be ready for next war

They are constantly forcing us to think about concessions to Azerbaijan, forgetting a simple truth: the dictator of Baku [i.e., Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev], in fact, wants so that the whole of Artsakh [(Nagorno-Karabakh)] and at least a part of Armenia is conceded [by the Armenian], and what will remain be at least in vassal dependence on Azerbaijan and Turkey. Iranian studies specialist Vardan Voskanyan, who is also a member of the opposition Homeland party of Armenia, wrote this on Facebook. He added as follows, in particular:

“In other words, the concession, according to the Azerbaijani-Turkish ‘notions,’ should be the zeroing of the whole result of the program of Armenian statehood coming from the depths of millennia, in fact, and at best, giving a purely symbolic character to the existence of Armenia as a political unit.

Therefore, our only thought should not be the concession, but to be ready for the next war and to crush Azerbaijan again in that war, because that war can take place regardless of our will, regardless of our wish, regardless of our desire to live in peace, because this is Near Asia, because not the god of peace, but of war decides the fate of nations here.”