The way out of the current situation inside and around Armenia is the creation of a national state

The solution to the current situation, both inside and around Armenia, is the establishment of a national state in accordance with Armenian national, state, and civilizational values and standards.

A state that

– will make a civilized decision regarding the organization of the Armenian people’s national defense, primarily to stop the ongoing Armenian Genocide, which has been continuing for almost 130 years, to ensure the right of the Armenian people to live, to live in their Homeland, to defend their Homeland,

– will take possession of all rights granted to the Armenian people in 1918-1920, including the demarcation of the border between Armenia and Turkey, the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan,

– will establish law, right, legality, justice in Armenia.

The Armenian people have always aspired to this. The Armenian has always fought to achieve these goals. The Armenian people have maintained hope for their realization throughout these years, including the last six years. Even in these terrible conditions, despite the destructive activities of the current anti-national government, implementing a false peace program. Against aggression, war, ongoing genocide, and deportation. Despite all sorts of lawlessness, including regarding national and interstate norms, being carried out from all sides, within and outside. Despite the information war, terrorism, and terror, which have reached ugly and shameful proportions.

We remind you that in our statement dated March 31, 2024, we stated: “We strongly condemn the activities of Nikol Pashinyan and his kleptocracy, who have usurped the chair of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia… He does not represent all Armenians and Armenian statehood in any country… And all documents he has signed and will sign and/or agreed with parties that have committed numerous crimes against humanity, to the detriment of the Armenian people and the Republic of Armenia, cannot have a legal basis and will be unequivocally annulled by the Armenian people.”

It is also important to note at this moment that officials, deputies, and colleagues of the State of Armenia (Western Armenia) have managed to form a national state in accordance with Armenian national, state, and cultural values and standards – the State of Armenia (Western Armenia), which since January 2018 began the process of organizing defense forces, and since May 2018 – the process of protection, realization, and implementation of the rights granted to the Armenian people.

This fact has already become an established reality.

In other words, it is quite probable and possible that a national state corresponding to Armenian national, state, and civilizational values and standards will also be formed in the Republic of Armenia.

We express our unconditional support to all those forces that have begun the struggle to remove this illegal and anti-national group from power and to create a national state in Armenia.

Enemies of the Armenian people, wishing to close the issue of Artsakh, have effectively opened Pandora’s box. The process of final and just settlement of the Armenian issue has begun.

Before our eyes, the process of resolute defense of Armenian national, state, and civilizational values and rights begins. in the name of justice, in the name of a free and dignified life, the victory of which will undoubtedly be the victory of the Armenian people.

Martik Gasparyan
President of the State of Armenia (Republic of Western Armenia)

Tigran Pashabezyan
Prime Minister of the State of Armenia (Republika Zapadnaya Armenia)

Armen Ter-Sarkisyan
President of the National Assembly (Parliament) of Western Armenia

 May 9, 2024