Appeal the National Assembly (Parliament) of Western Armenia to the people of Afghanistan

Over the millennia, one of the most important tools for ensuring the existence, integrity and development of human civilization has been formed, improved and expanded – the Communicator, which ensures interaction between the two poles of both Indo-European and common human civilization – East and West.

Of particular value was the environment of the «keepers of the Communicator» – the nations inhabiting the territory of the Communicator and providing its functions from time immemorial. The role of the «keepers of the Communicator» – the nations of Southwest Asia, Greater Middle East and Iran – is invaluable in maintaining and developing civilizations of creative forms of reproduction based on the basic principles of a community of free people living in harmony with nature.

For thousands of years, these nations have fought against the evil of a «robber-usurious» civilization which is based on the ideology of outright robbery, weaning and redistribution of the results of other nations’ hard historic work.

The robber-usurious paradigm, having become dominant in the European Pole, directed all its forces towards the destruction of the Asian Pole. Over the past three centuries, there has been a total defeat and devastation of China, India and Afghanistan, the waters of the Indian Ocean, partly – and Iran.

To clean up the territories of the «keepers of the Communicator» in Asia Minor and the Greater Middle East, about 150 years ago, a ‘genocidal mechanism’ was created on the basis of the Ottoman Empire, which carried out the Genocide (also culturecide, anthropocide, patricide) of Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, Yezidis, Arabs, Molokans, etc. Later, the «genocidal mechanism» was also launched on the territory of Afghanistan, eventually changing the forms, but not the essence: the destruction of nations and cultures, carriers of paradigms opposing the usurious one.

In recent years, the «genocidal mechanism» has been launched in Iraq, Syria, and more recently against Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) and Armenia. Today’s goal is the same: not allow the Asian Pole to revive and take its rightful place, and build a racketeering system on the territory of the Communicator, completely destroying its general civilizational essence, with further spread to all of Asia and the Greater Middle East.

And this began after the appearance in the area of ​​autochthonous peoples of foreigners who attacked settlements, robbed them, killed children, women and the elderly, raped innocent teenage girls, keeping entire cities under siege. This has been repeated with impunity for the past for hundreds of years and today.

For these criminals, the opinion of the world community does not matter – they strive to get into any civilizational projects of the two poles and create chaos.

Wars and conflicts over identity are becoming the most powerful force in the world. The Turkishization of Islam and what is happening with the Turkish-speaking and Turkish-speaking countries in the Southern Caspian, Western, Central and Central Asia, as well as with African countries tell us about the destructive role of the Turkish identity policy.

Each West-Central-Central Asian, Middle Eastern and African state has its own history and culture. But many also have one thing in common – the dozens of ethnic, linguistic and religious groups living there have a glorious history and powerful identity. After gaining independence, these new states retained their colonial borders.

Instead of fading away, national liberation movements in many countries are gaining strength, and central authorities are failing after failure. And now the problem is not only in the old interethnic, intertribal and interfaith contradictions. In the post-colonial period, on the Asian and African continents, a conflict broke out between Turkishized Islam and Christianity, Islam and Turkishized Islam. For more than 100 years, Islam, Turkish-speaking and Turkish-speaking peoples and countries have been Turkishized. Modern Turkey constantly interferes in the internal affairs of those countries where Turkic-speaking peoples live, such as China, Afghanistan and others, seeks to Turkize Islam and create the so-called «Great Turan», wreaking havoc. Traditional interethnic and interfaith disputes and disagreements often become part of this chaos and conflict.

Yes, traditional Islam is not involved in the atrocities of the usurers. Many nations professing Islam saved the autochthonous peoples from the Genocide and the descendants of the nations who escaped the destruction are in great debt to them. We are talking about Turkized Islam, but in fact the simple geopolitical ideology of Turkish Turan, which has nothing to do with religion and Islam.

The latest events in Afghanistan have shown that the terrible harvest of the «Genocidal Mechanism» on its territory has been stopped. It is important to consolidate the achieved success as a regularity, so that it becomes the beginning of the revival of the people of Afghanistan and the peoples of the «keepers of the Communicator», ensuring the interaction of all poles of the human creative civilization and protection from the evil of the «robber-usurious» paradigm and the Turkization of Islam.

Armen Ter-Sarkisyan
President of the National Assembly (Parliament) of Western Armenia

October 30, 2021