Armenia President’s Staff issues statement on alleged document presented by acting PM

The President of Armenia has not been and is not involved in the processes and discussions related to the alleged document. This is stated in the statement issued by the Staff of the President of Armenia.

The statement also states the following: “Therefore, the President is absolutely unaware of the document, much less the specifics.The President of Armenia is certain that such processes need to be maximally public and need to be held through the involvement of all interested parties.”

Acting PM Nikol Pashinyan said Thursday he is negotiating a new document with Azerbaijan and Russia.

The paper was first published by Armenia’s former ambassador to the Vatican Mikayel Minasyan. According to the latter, Pashinyan was going to sign a new agreement that would damage the interests of the country.

The acting PM also noted that Armenia has reached some agreements with its international colleagues. According to him, those solutions are 100% in line with the interests of Armenia.

Pashinyan added that he would not publish the document to be signed because it was not correct to publish a working document.