ASALA strict warning. Statement of the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA), April 24, 2021

The Armenian people experienced the tragedy of the first Genocide of the 20th century and the loss of their homeland, because, they could not properly comprehend the state mentality of the Turkish enemy – a mentality that included the animal peculiarity of its self-preservation instinct.

We could not fully understand that the Turk thinks and acts on one principle: to finally take over the land he has seized and to build his new homeland on it, exterminating the real owner of the land and burying him in the same land.

We also failed to grasp the obvious truth that allies and friends are driven primarily by the dictates of their state and economic interests and not by the vision of the realization of the lofty ideas of justice.

This was the essence of the world order yesterday. It is the same today. It will be the same tomorrow and forever.

The collective vision of the self-defense instinct was not created in us, the conviction was not rooted that in order to stand firm on your own land, you have to hold a shovel and a pickaxe, a book and a pen in one hand, and a sword and a shield, a bow and arrow in the other.

Even today, we continue to learn no lessons from history. We continue to build graves on the last remaining land of our homeland and gather around thousands of tombs to kneel and mourn, instead of building slender arches of victory and hoisting our flag around them.

Witness the recent Artsakh war and our enormous human and land losses.

Despite all this, in the Armenian reality, there are still high-ranking government officials, businessmen fascinated by money, circles fed by foreign grants, and unfortunately also naive individuals who desire to “correct” and “rectify” our approaches to the Turks. It seems that the prospect of living under the Turkish yatagan fascinates them.
Let it be clear once and for all to this mob that in the name of this so called “friendship” or “mutually beneficial cooperation” with Turkey, any concession or renunciation of our inalienable national and human rights, pan-Armenian goals, interests and desires will not be tolerated.

And the answer, we assure you, will be disproportionate.

This affirmation should not be perceived by anyone as a threat or a warning, but as an invitation of brotherly exhortation and vigilance.

On the occasion of the 106th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, honoring the memory of our martyrs, we pledge to continue our struggle for the building of a united Armenia and the provision of a bright and secure future for the Armenian people.

24 April 2021


Political leadership of All Armenia

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