VIDEO – Armenia premier Nikol Pashinyan trying to march in Agarak under locals’ cursing, insults

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is trying to hold a march in Agarak town of Syunik Province, where the situation remains tense. At the moment, Pashinyan is walking in the town, accompanied by a large number of security officers.

During the march, the people of Agarak are cursing and shouting insults at Pashinyan and telling him to leave the town.

Also, Nikol Pashinyan spoke—through a loudspeaker—during this failed march. “We [the incumbent authorities] are the guilty. We will resolve this issue as well, I apologize to all of you. Dear people, we apologize for them,” he said.

As reported earlier, the Agarak residents on Wednesday greeted Nikol Pashinyan with unfriendly chants calling him a traitor and a Turk. There was even a scuffle between the police and the people of this town.

Armenian had reported Tuesday that Pashinyan left for Syunik Province in top secrecy.

And last night, Armenian learned that Pashinyan visited Shurnukh village at night.

There are press reports that the PM was received by the local residents indignantly and coldly.

To note, the Syunik Police chief, his deputy, and the Goris and Kapan town police chiefs were changed unexpectedly on Monday.

Also, except for one community, the leaders of all other Syunik communities have publicly demanded Pashinyan’s resignation.