VIDEO – The President of the Republic of Armenia Mr. Armen Sarkissian pays tribute to the memory of Artsakh war heroes

President Armen Sargkissian visited Yerablur military pantheon today to pay tribute to the memory of the heroes who sacrificed their lives for the defense of the Motherland and lay flowers at their graves.

President Sarkissian also laid flowers at the graves of the National Hero of Armenia, the Hero of Artsakh, the First Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia Vazgen Sargsyan, the National Hero of Armenia Monte Melkonyan, as well as General Andranik. On behalf of the President of the Republic, a wreath was laid at the memorial wall immortalizing the heroism of those who died for the freedom and independence of the Homeland, and a minute of silence was observed to honor the immortal memory of the dead.

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“These are very difficult days. I hope that by the end of 2020 we will close the tragic and unfortunate page and will be able to stand up and open a new page. The only thing we will remember from 2020 is the sacred memory of the people who gave their lives to defend the Homeland, all the misfortunes should be lessons, not painful memories,” the President said.

“We have to start our life again. I look forward to the end of this year,” he added.