«Strategy of Social – Economic Development of Armenia». To the publication of a new book by academician Artashes Mikaelyan

In these difficult fateful days for our people, when the Armenian nation, through the sacrifice of its GENOFUND, is fighting one-on-one against international terrorism, against the 100-year-old genocidal turkish machine, against the threats and challenges to humanity formed by the money-ism and venality of politicians, experts, scientists and creative people to business and «world governments», in the presence of the indifference of the modern world, one more time I am coming back to a letter from the past, as an Appeal-Testament-Appeal, not only of a spiritual leader, but also an influential figure in Armenian history, Khrimyan Hayrik. For me it becomes obvious that in fact, everything remained the same, only a generation has changed!

The Armenian people, defending the eastern outpost of Christianity for 16 centuries, in 1878 essentially made another desperate attempt by the small people to inform the world about the humanitarian catastrophe that befell them and ask for support, contrary to the wishes of the Sultan and the Ottoman government. Words of support were heard throughout the Old World, but all the promises remained just words. The Armenian bankers, usurers, statesmen, who linked their further fate and the fate of their people with the Turks, opposed him. As a Catholicos who did not achieve his goal, in August 1873 he was forced to resign and return to the See of the Bishop of Van. Khrimyan Hayrik only wanted the long-suffering Armenian people not to be in ignorance, lack of knowledge and lack of culture, which is beneficial only to the rulers. The fate of the Armenians themselves repeats the path of the most ancient Armenian manuscripts: exile, loss, acquisition of the Motherland. Each book has its own destiny, just like a person. That is why it became very significant the publication of a new fundamental work of Academician Artashes  MIKAELYAN on the STRATEGY of the socio-economic development of Armenia in Armenian, Chinese, Russian, English, German and French under the editorship of Master of Economics and Law David Mikaelyan (“dm -LINGUA ”Hamburg) and under the scientific advice of Abel AGANBEKYAN.

The activities of the patrons, Levon MARCOS and Edward CHOVUSHYAN, on the publication of the book entirely correspond to the dreams and desires of Khrimyan Hayrik for the Armenian people. The Director of the Russian Center for the Development of Education, Science and Culture also played an important role in the publication of the book, as well as the Chairperson of the Board of the Elos-Shanghai Trade House — Ms. LEE LEE while translating the text of the book into Chinese, Madame Biatrice Nazarian— when translating into French, and Associate Professor Zhanna Mikaelyan — when translating in English. The author dedicated the book to the blessed memory of his brother Ashot Mikaelyan. The preface to the much-needed book for the Armenian economy and Armenian statehood, a book that can help the country’s economy transition to a smart economy with high-quality indicators and ensure the country’s exit from the cycles of the economic crisis, help strengthen the legal framework for the country’s investment attractiveness, has been prepared by Yours truly.


2020 Nobel Prize in Economics and Peace Nominee, Academician, Academician, President of the International Independent Legal and Scientific Center for Expertise and Assessment of Reparations and Restitution,

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October 20, 2020