Analyst: Turkey trying to pressure Russia with flights of Bayraktars around military base in Armenia’s Gyumri

Military analyst Leonid Nersisyan says Turkey is trying to exert pressure on Russia with the flights of Bayraktars in the area of the 102nd Russian Military Base in the Armenian city of Gyumri.

“This isn’t the first case. Bayraktars appear along the length of the Armenian-Turkish border often. Flights with such intensity have been carried out since the start of the Azerbaijani-Turkish aggression against Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh),” Nersisyan said and clarified that the Bayraktars can transmit information to Azerbaijani troops and even take part in the management of air operations in the skies of Artsakh (earlier, it was reported that the air operations management center is located in the sector between Kars and Erzerum-ed.).

As the military analyst stated, Turkey is not only carrying out flights, but also actively conducting engineering works. “I can’t confirm that the Turks are preparing to attack, but there is certain pressure, including on Russia,” Nersisyan stated, adding that it is clear that Erdogan and Aliyev no longer take Russia, France and the US into consideration.