Turkish military presence in Azerbaijan (Kommersant)

According to the Russian daily Kommersant of 16 October 2020, 600 Turkish troops stayed behind in Azerbaijan after the joint military exercises that were held this summer [1].

This detachment comprises:
- a tactical battalion group of 200 people,
- 50 instructors in Nakhijevan,
- 90 military advisers in Baku,
- 120 flight attendants at Gabala airport,
- 20 drone operators at Dollyar air base,
- 50 instructors at Evlakh airport,
- 50 instructors from the 4th Army Corps and 20 others at the Baku Naval Base and Heydar Aliyev Military School.

Azerbaijan is also home to
- 18 Turkish armored infantry combat vehicles,
- 1 multiple rocket launcher system,
- 10 vehicles
- 34 aircraft (including 6 combat planes, 8 helicopters, and 20 drones)

The daily also estimates that during the first week of October as many as 1,300 Syrian Turkmen jihadists and 150 Libyan jihadists were deployed to Azerbaijan to fight against Armenian Orthodox forces.