Attention! Do not give in to provocations


Important Message for Diaspora Compatriots

 Dear Compatriot,

Since the beginning of the war initiated by the Turkish-Azerbaijani tandem against Artsakh, each of you has stood by your homeland and continues to contribute in various ways to achieve our common victory. Our national unity, naturally, frightens and weakens the enemy. This is not the first case where the adversaries, Turkey and Azerbaijan, failing on the frontlines, try to provoke clashes in the territories of third countries. This was well known to us even after the border tensions escalated in July.

This time. the enemy has even tried to use such provocations in a number of Armenian Diaspora communities. There are already reports that the Turkish-Azerbaijani genocidal alliance is planning to use violence against its own representations or citizens in countries with large Armenian communities, presenting them as “violence perpetrated by Armenians.” In anticipation of retaliatory actions, Azerbaijan and Turkey plan to initiate provocations in Armenian communities, portraying Armenians as “terrorists.”

 Dear compatriots,

These insidious actions of the enemy are not new to us. Hence, we call for caution and restraint, and we urge you not to give in to Turkish-Azerbaijani provocations, not to retaliate, and in case of information, revert to law enforcement agencies in your countries of residence.

Together, united and vigilant, we will win.


High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs of the Republic of Armenia

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Attention! Do not give in to provocations –

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