Armenia president: NATO gave Turkey the green light?

Armenian President Armen Sarkissian explained why no evidence has been presented that a Turkish F-16 fighter shot down an Armenian Su-25.

His remarks came in an interview with Russia’s Kommersant newspaper,

“Such representations are not made at the journalistic or the public level…Turkey is a NATO member. And what is the NATO member country doing in Azerbaijan, and why is it fighting in Karabakh? Question: Did NATO give Turkey the green light? Or does the NATO charter allow alliance members to use weapons and technologies that belong to the alliance or that have been created with NATO assistance in third countries, to attract people who have been trained in NATO?” Sarkissian wonders.

“If we talk about the F-16, then the first documents should be submitted to NATO. We need to get clarification, whether the leadership of the alliance has given Turkey the green light to do what it is doing now,” he said.