Karabakh President on Hadrut incident: Azerbaijan formed sabotage team whose purpose was not sabotage

[Azerbaijan president Ilham] Aliyev had stated that they had allegedly captured Hadrut [town of Artsakh], but before the ceasefire he had realized that they were far from the borders of Hadrut, so he chose by the city of Hadrut as the last strike. Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) President Arayik Haroutyunyan stated this at Sunday morning’s press conference.
“They [Azerbaijan] established trained units, mercenaries, forces from special services of other countries. According to our information, they formed a sabotage team the purpose of which was not sabotage. The goal was to capture the city of Hadrut within hours.


These teams managed to enter Hadrut and the area near Hadrut—in the first stage, to carry out some sabotage measures. However, we managed to rearrange, and today the head of the Hadrut administration is in the administration building; I talked to him minutes ago,” Haroutyunyan added.