Karabakh President calls on creating a new international anti-terrorism coalition

President of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Arayik Haroutyunyan has posted the following on his Facebook page:

“I call on creating a new international anti-terrorism coalition.

Today Artsakh and Armenia are literally on the frontline to battle international terrorism. However, in our case, the peculiarity is that this enemy, which poses a threat to the existence of world civilization, is against our homeland under the veil of the national flag of a NATO member state, in the army of that state and very often instead of that army. In the modern world when it is literally impossible to hide anything from anyone, everyone saw and recorded the penetration of a network of global jihadists into Azerbaijan. It is no longer a secret for any country that the target of that monstrous network of terrorists is the peaceful populations of Artsakh and Armenia, our cities and villages and the right to live freely and to possess our destiny.

Today, Turkey, which continues to sponsor and manage this network, upon the consent of the opportunistic authorities of Baku, is making Azerbaijan serve as a tool to create a new hotbed for global terrorism in the South Caucasus. I am certain that every responsible participant of world politics, state and international organization is clearly aware of the dangerous consequences of such developments. We all still remember the consequences of the aspirations of jihadists to create a unit in the form of a state in Iraq and Syria. All countries have to take action to make sure Turkey fails to turn Azerbaijan into a lair for terrorism in the South Caucasus.

Today, Armenia and Artsakh are on the frontline in this battle because they have accepted the challenge with dignity, and we will fight until the ultimate victory, but this is not just a matter that concerns Artsakh and Armenia.

As the president of a state leading a battle for its independence, I call on the civilized world to show active participation in this battle. The creation of an active and effective international anti-terrorist coalition is the imperative of our days.

I am certain that victory will be ours.”