Monument to Komitas, symbol of Armenian Genocide, is desecrated in Paris

The outrageous cases of vandalism against Armenian monuments have become more frequent after the escalation of tension on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border in July.

This time the vandals have done their dirty deed in one of the world’s cultural capitals, Paris, where they desecrated the monument to the great Armenian composer Komitas.

Facebook user Anzhela Kzhdryan wrote about this on her page.

“Vandalism in the days of the coronavirus …

“In Paris, they wrote ‘It’s fake’ on the statue of Komitas symbolizing the Armenian Genocide,” she wrote, and posted the respective photo of this monument.

The Embassy of Armenia also reported this on its Facebook page on Monday:  “The Armenian Embassy strongly condemns the desecration of Komitas Vardapet statue which is an expression of denialism to a monument dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide as well as to those Armenians who fell for France,” the Embassy said.

Monument to the great Komitas in the center of Paris. Opened on April 22, 2003.