Armenia to create militia

The Ministry of Defense of Armenia has posted the bill on making supplements to the Law of Armenia on Local Self-Governance on for public consideration. The bill lays down the relations pertaining to the creation and management of militia within local self-government bodies and recruitment of militiamen.

“Submission of the bill derives from the need to make defense of Armenia universal and pan-national, introduce and organize the militia system under the principle of citizens’ volunteerism in order to give a worthy and proper counterattack to any encroachment of the potential adversary.

The study of military operations of the potential adversary shows that the center of gravity of military operations may move towards the depth of the country’s territory through wide application of terrorist or intelligence or special operation forces and the groups of the adversary’s armed forces that have penetrated into the country. To resist, neutralize and destroy them, it is necessary to create a group of forces and resources, that is, a militia that will be capable of defending the country from potential actions of the adversary, the population, major facilities and infrastructures,” the bill states.