Charles Aznavour would have turned 96 years old today

Today, the great maestro, the unique French-Armenian musician Charles Aznavour would have turned 96 years old.

The maestro managed to do a lot. He wrote and performed more than 1,000 songs, raised and brought up worthy children, and was a true patriot of his two homelands: Armenia and France.

But most importantly, he taught us sincerity, humanity, and love. It is no coincidence that many critics have called his voice the voice of love. His whole work was combined with love—with lyrical and ironic, tragic and at the same time full of light sadness and depth. He was able to reach even the hearts of those who were not fans of his work.

But he still sings—within us, everywhere, and in many languages.

Charles Aznavour is 96 years old, and we, as always, say: “Happy Birthday, maestro, and thank you for the love!”

Photo by RIA Novosti