Henry Theriault։ The compensation of Turkey for the wealth stolen from Armenians will be the salvation of Armenia

Henry Theriault, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at Worcester State University, President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars, believes that the only leverage that Armenia has now is the moral agenda of the Armenian Issue.




“Armenia should make this a red thread in all international courts, in all international political platforms, in academic circles, presenting how today’s problems stem from the genocide committed a century ago. I know that this probably sounds cynical,

I have absolutely no intention to insult the memory of the victims of the Genocide, but this may be the only way to save Armenia, to exist. All negotiations should proceed from this moral lever of the Armenian people.

Meanwhile, instead of this, Pashinyan’s regime is doing the exact opposite.

I do not understand this, because using this lever in financial, political, legal directions can bring more benefits to Armenia. This is what the simplest negotiation logic suggests. “I don’t understand the logic of Armenia’s position in today’s negotiations,” said Theriault.