Announcement of the Artsakh Republic National Assembly factions

The general position of the people and authorities of Artsakh was presented in the April 14 statement of the National Assembly by which it is reaffirmed that the agendas of ongoing discussions and negotiations on the international platform are acceptable to us only in case of compatibility with the provisions of the above statement.

Charles Michel’s statement following the recent trilateral meeting in Brussels causes bewilderment from the point of view of distorting the essence of the Karabakh conflict settlement and the legacy accumulated over 30 years of the negotiation process. For the first time in a negotiation speech an attempt is made to abandon the political and geographical notion of “Nagorno Karabakh”. The phrase “Ethnic Armenian population of Karabakh” is put into circulation. All of this is in perfect harmony with the theses recently spread by the Azerbaijani regime before the meeting in Brussels and testifies to the retreat of the current authorities of Armenia from the foreign policy vector.

One could understand the role of the Council of Europe in opening the “era of peace” between Armenia and Azerbaijan at an accelerated pace, if it had responded to the aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan against the people of the Artsakh Republic in September 2020 with the same consistency. Emphasis on security and protection during the 44-day war could have been somehow noticeable for the people of Artsakh defending their sovereignty.

Under the conditions created, the authorities of the Republic of Armenia are obliged to be guided exclusively by the position of promoting and protecting the right of the people of Artsakh to self-determination in international instances, based on the decision of the Republic of Armenia Supreme Council of July 8, 1992, according to which “any international or domestic document where NKR will be mentioned as part of Azerbaijan, is considered unacceptable for Armenia.”

For the current authorities both in Armenia and Artsakh, the declarations on the formation of two Armenian republics, the values enshrined in the decision of September 2, 1991 and the independence referendum of December 10, 1991 should be a priority. No official, no political power is authorized to determine the future of the Motherland, for the creation of which thousands of children of our people did not spare their lives.

We are facing the imperative of making historic decisions thus no one can evade responsibility to generations.


May 24, 2022

“Free Motherland – UCA”
Armenian Revolutionary Federation”
“Democratic Party of Artsakh”