Armenia opposition “5165” movement to not work with Liberation Movement anymore, to act alone and meet with forces

For our “5165” movement, our one-week uprising and protests ended with today’s pilgrimage to the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. This is what leader of the movement Karin Tonoyan wrote on her Facebook page, adding that the movement will carry out other activities from now on.

“Starting tomorrow, the Liberation Movement initiative will continue its own path, and we wish the initiative success, while the “5165” movement will enter a new stage of the struggle by organizing open meetings with all political and public forces through the process of pan-national consolidation, with the great hope that it will be able to consolidate the forces that will be ready to set aside their group or individual ambitions for the sake of the Armenians and Armenia and form the leading force that will help get Armenia out of this deep hole with a specific plan.

What is necessary? What is necessary is a clear goal, a plan to achieve the goal and the will. We have all three, and even if we fail to consolidate many forces, we will struggle alone since we have the will to do that as well.

I must state one painful thing — whoever we stood by on this path, we were told that we are guided from somewhere, whoever we greeted, they told others to be careful…I’m certain that they say the same things to everyone. Shall we continue to live like this with fear? Aren’t there people in Armenia who have free will or simply people for whom the homeland is worth the most? I’m certain there are.

We’re not afraid of the guided forces since it’s impossible to guide the force which is already guided by the sorrow of the homeland, the sons who are in heaven and God.

It is these three spiritual forces that will help us go from being a split crowd to a people and united nation,” Tonoyan added.